Gourdon in a wheelchair: An Accessibility Guide

The picturesque village of Gourdon in the South of France lies on a hilltop in the backcountry, overlooking 80 km of the French Riviera. From up there you have splendid views of the Mediterranean coastline, from Nice Airport all the way to the Esterel Mountains. How amazing that Gourdon is accessible for wheelchair users, too!


Panoramic view of the fortified village of Gourdon located on a hill top on the French Riviera

Panoramic view of the fortified Gourdon village © lmt


Gourdon is officially classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France. Although its tiny size, Gourdon attracts visitors from around the world. It is an ideal place for a day trip to experience the magical flair of a typically Provencal village in the South of France.


Sign saying 'The most beautiful villages of France'

Gourdon has the label ‘The most beautiful villages of France’ © lmt


Getting to Gourdon

The best accessible way to get to Gourdon is by car. It takes less than an hour to drive to Gourdon, whether you come from Nice, Antibes, or Cannes. There is, unfortunately, no public transportation available. If you arrive from Chateauneuf de Grasse, take ‘Route de Caussols’ (D3) and make sure to stop at the viewpoint for a dramatic view of Gourdon.



Once you enter the short street leading towards the entrance of Gourdon, you will see public parking on your right. However, those who have a disability parking permit (blue badge) can drive straight on as there are three handicap parking lots just in front of the entrance.



General Wheelchair Accessibility of Gourdon

For a medieval, fortified village, the wheelchair accessibility of Gourdon is pretty good. The streets are all paved and easily rollable. Wheelchair users can equally enjoy strolling through the few charming streets of the hamlet. If you use a manual wheelchair, you might need help as certain areas are hilly.


Visiting the charming streets of Gourdon in a wheelchair | Little Miss Turtle | Wheelchair Travel Blog

Rolling through the charming streets of Gourdon © lmt


Due to building restrictions, most of the shops have steps at the entrance. However, there also are a few wheelchair-accessible ones, like the boutique shops around ‘Place Sainte-Catherine.’ My favorite thing to do in Gourdon is to simply enjoy the view.



You find wheelchair-accessible restrooms right next to the church at ‘Place de l’Église.’ Locals told us that these were built about three years ago. It is always fantastic to see accessibility improvements.



A great place to enjoy food, drinks, or a cup of coffee is the restaurant ‘La Taverne Provençale.’ From the accessible terrace, you have fantastic views of the French Riviera. They offer traditional, homemade Provencal food for reasonable prices.



Another partly accessible restaurant outside the village, close to the public parking, is ‘Brasserie La Bergerie.’ Wheelchair users can enter the restaurant via the terrace; however, there are no wheelchair-accessible restrooms.




The charming and wheelchair-accessible village of Gourdon is definitely worth a day trip when on the French Riviera. To summarize, the overall accessibility is pretty good, considered it is a more than 950-year-old medieval village. Handicap parking spaces, accessible restrooms, good food, and stunning views of the Mediterranean await wheelchair travelers.


Accessible Gourdon in the South of France | Little Miss Turtle | Wheelchair Travel Blog

Accessible Gourdon in the South of France © lmt

Gourdon in a wheelchair: An Accessibility Guide


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