Little Miss Turtle | Tokyo Skytree in a wheelchair

Visiting TOKYO SKYTREE in a wheelchair

TOKYO Skytree | The Basics TOKYO Skytree is a broadcasting tower in Sumida, Tokyo. It is one of Tokyo’s most popular landmarks. TOKYO Skytree (634 m) is the world’s highest broadcasting tower and also the second tallest building on earth after Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The Skytree was finished in 2012 and is located near the traditional borough of […]

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Little Miss Turtle | Disneyland Paris in a wheelchair

Disneyland Paris in a wheelchair

Disneyland is a place almost every child dreams of. So, newly arrived in France, I decided to find out how wheelchair-accessible Disneyland Paris is. In this article, I’ll give you some good advice, tips, and tricks, as well as detailed information on the attractions for wheelchair users.     Disneyland Paris in a wheelchair – The Basics Disneyland […]

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