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Okinawa in a wheelchair | Accessibility Guide

After spending some days in Tokyo to recover from the jetlag, we took a flight to Naha, Okinawa and spent six days on the beautiful, subtropical island in the Pacific Ocean. The southernmost prefecture of Japan basically consists of 160 islands that belong to the more than 1,000 km long Ryukyu chain. With year-round temperatures of […]

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Shinkansen & Japan Rail Pass | Little Miss Turtle

Shinkansen & Japan Rail Pass as a wheelchair user

  Travel by Shinkansen as a wheelchair user?!? Definitely, yes!   As you might already know, I am a huge fan of Japan. I like everything about this particular culture that’s so different from ours in the West. In March 2018 I rode the famous Japanese high-speed bullet train for the first time. After discovering Tokyo on […]

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