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Miyajima Island in a wheelchair

Find out everything about the wheelchair-accessibility of Miyajima Island in Japan.

Wheelchair "Accessible" Brussels

Discover 6 wheelchair-accessible things to do, where to stay and how to get around in Brussels.

Okinawa in a wheelchair

Read the ultimate accessibility guide to Okinawa Island in Japan.

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Disneyland Paris & Walt Disney Studios Park Disneyland, a place almost every child dreams of. I’ve never been to […]

Banff National Park & Lake Louise in a wheelchair

Banff and Lake Louise | A Paradise for Nature Lovers Canada has always been one of my top dream destinations […]

Mobility Scooter Rental Experience in Tokyo

Mobility Scooter Rental in Tokyo during cherry blossom Earlier this year in March, I once again […]

Tokyo Travel Diary | All about Accessibility

Update March 2018: Mobility Scooter Rental in Tokyo Accessibility Review of Tokyo […]

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