Kagoshima in a wheelchair | Accessibility Review | Little Miss Turtle

Kagoshima in a wheelchair | Accessibility Review

The last stop on our 21-day Shinkansen trip through Japan was Kagoshima. While this beautiful and accessible seaside city at the southwestern tip of Kyushu Island is not a typical stop for travelers with a Japan Rail Pass, it is more than worth a visit. Kagoshima is known for its active and potentially dangerous volcano, the […]

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Shinkansen & Japan Rail Pass | Little Miss Turtle

Shinkansen & Japan Rail Pass as a wheelchair user

  Travel by Shinkansen as a wheelchair user?!? Definitely, yes!   As you might already know, I am a huge fan of Japan. I like everything about this particular culture that’s so different from ours in the West. In March 2018 I rode the famous Japanese high-speed bullet train for the first time. After discovering Tokyo on […]

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