Little Miss Turtle | A True Story Written By Life

An inspiring True Story written by life

This is a true story that happened in August 2016. Maybe you like it as much as I do.


On a warm and pleasant summer day, a young man went for a walk around Cap d’Antibes in the South of France. With a heavy heart and 1000 questions about life in his head he slowly walked along. The young man had been experiencing a difficult phase of self-doubt, anger and great mental suffering for weeks.


He sat down on a tree trunk by the sea and began a silent conversation with the universe. “What’s all this for?” he asked silently, overwhelmed by emotions. The young man sat there for a while, not moving. It occurred to him that when something in life was meant to be, it would only take little struggle and not too much effort to achieve it. “Circumstances always seem to successfully work together to make dreams come true.”


As the full meaning of this idea rose in his mind, he addressed life in a challenge, thinking “From now on, just let me know if you need me!”. At this very moment, a guy closely walked by… On the guy’s t-shirt could be read “You are ready for life”!


It seems as if life always listens!

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One comment

  • Cela prend aux tripes: le vrai doute existentiel de notre vie! Essayer de ne pas trop s’en faire car nous ne sommes que des microns de poussière qui font partie de l’univers et donc si petits soient-ils ils ont leur importance…Cet homme est sensible et c’est une force mais aussi une faiblesse qui peut tout faire basculer.
    Mieux armé que bien d’autres, l’air de rien, la vie avec son hasard donne de belles réponses à ceux qui sont de cette trempe !
    Très beau partage qui donne de l’espoir…
    Merci Mélie,
    Françoise Lenoir

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