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A short trip to Berlin | Misfit Models

Misfit Models | Berlin


Two weeks ago I took the plane to Berlin. I had an appointment at Misfit Models, a model agency in Berlin-Pankow. This agency is regularly looking for people with character and style who do not fit the current ideal of beauty. Del Keens, the founder of Misfit Models, worked as a “ugly” model himself. I’ve discovered the model agency’s website not too long ago and decided to apply as a wheelchair model. I already did some work in front of the camera and loved it. But more about that in another blog post.


The short trip

So, I booked a flight with easyJet to Berlin-Schöneberg airport, mentioning my foldable wheelchair and my “special needs” in the booking process. At the airport the mobility service accompanied us through the security check. Sometimes being disabled comes along with great advantages – at the airport you’re always treated like a VIP and never have to wait in endless crowds… Me and my boyfriend were the first to board. At the gate two helpers from the mobility service took me to the airplane, sat me on a small transfer chair and folded away my own wheelchair. They took me to my row and installed me on the passenger seat. Once landed in Berlin-Schönefeld we were the last passengers to leave the aircraft. Again the mobility service helped to get me out of the plane and put me back into my own wheelchair. We then were taken to a van and driven to the arrival zone.


First things first: We had to stop at a takeaway and eat a Berliner Currywurst which is unique in its taste! That was so good! We took the public transport, which is very wheelchair accessible, to get to our hotel. The Wyndham Garden Berlin Mitte is a nice 4-star-hotel with a very good breakfast buffet, but it isn’t 100 % wheelchair-friendly.


Misfit Models Agency | Berlin

The next morning I had my appointment at Misfit Models. There are some steps at the entrance but as soon as the staff saw me they came out and installed a funny-looking wheelchair-ramp. After some paper work, I finally met Del and he took some pictures for their website. A cameraman from the German BILD News was filming the shooting and afterwards, the BILD team asked me some questions. Half an hour later we were already on our way back to the airport to take our flight back home. What a cool short trip!

See me in the news on German “Dieses Casting ist keine Freakshow”

And here you get to my card: Misfit Model Melanie

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  • Lenoir Françoise 17/02/2016   Reply →

    Vive la chaleur. Abat le froid!

  • Lenoir Françoise 17/02/2016   Reply →

    Viens de visionner le diaporama: Super!
    Mélie, tu exagères…histoire de râler: prise en charge maximum pour que tu n’aies quelques secondes par-ci, par-là, à l’air mais surtout le soleil☀️
    Xavier: inattendu donc imprévisible comme d’hab. j’ai bien ri quand tu t’es assis …par terre!

  • ChristIna 17/02/2016   Reply →

    Coole Aktion, cooles Video!!!
    Am Anfang könnte man meinen du reist nach Sibirien
    Wann kommst du mal wieder nach Bayern? Vermiss unsere Cafébesuche!

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