Little Miss Turtle | Say HELLO to my new friend

Say HELLO to my new friend

I received a present! A big and unexpected one! It’s red, it has four wheels, and it’s fast.
No – it’s not another wheelchair! It’s a Mobility Scooter!


Stories like the following one are a rare but powerful example that good people still do exist. I went to Mc Donald’s last week for lunch. While I was looking at the menu, a lady came next to me and asked if I would like to get an electric Scooter! For free!!! She explained that she worked for a disabled man who would like to give his old Scooter away to someone who could truly need it. We exchanged numbers and the next day we went to the man’s home.


Mister J is also affected by Muscular Dystrophy. J seemed to be the kind of person who prefers not to talk about his condition but he appreciated it that his assistant had found a young woman like me to give the Red Devil to. As a symbolic gesture I offered him some nice Swiss Pralinés, and there it was – finally a little smile showed up on the man’s face. He said he loved chocolates which made me feel even happier!


The Scooter is in perfect condition. I only needed to buy new batteries to make it work again. It runs 15 km/hour, which is much faster than my electric wheelchair :-)!


I’ve already done the first tour around Cap d’Antibes. Such a great feeling to feel the wind in my hair and to not worry about how long the batteries would last (as my wheelchair batteries are not very powerful). Freedom, here I come!


I’m so grateful for this perfect present of the Universe! THANK YOU so much, J and N, for your kindness and your big hearts!


Enough for now… My Red Devil is waiting for me!


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  • Bill 11/08/2016   Reply →

    Looks cool!,Is it hard to get out of?

    • Melanie 11/08/2016   Reply →

      Yes, it’s tricky to get out, but I’m still able to do the transfer into my wheelchair. If I can’t get out I have someone around to help me. Have a nice day! Melanie

  • LENOIR Françoise 11/08/2016   Reply →

    Hello Méli,

    Un cadeau de la vie qui te change la vie…En plus vous pouvez y jouer à 2 !

    • Melanie 11/08/2016   Reply →

      Hello Françoise,
      C’est clair, on va jouer a deux avec ;-)! Gros Bisous

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