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You are so charming, Miss!


Strange encounters – A true story


Yesterday I went to Cannes to meet a friend. While I was waiting on the sidewalk in my wheelchair, a scruffy, unkempt looking man stopped next to me and said “You are so charming, Miss!”. I looked up, surprised by his words. I thanked him when he continued “It’s such a pity for you to be in a wheelchair! You are so beautiful!”. He inspected my wheelchair and said suddenly that I had a bad life. “What the hell is wrong with this guy!”, I asked myself.


“Me, a bad life …! This man has no idea!”. I answered straight to him that my life was not bad at all and that it was only a matter of perception. The man obviously didn’t expect such an answer and acted kind of embarrassed. He grabbed my hand and shook it with an awkward smile on his face to say goodbye. He left with a “Stay strong!” and walked away.


I regularly experience those kind of strange and at the same time funny situations. It’s a weird feeling to explain to a stranger that I do live a happy life and that my wheelchair is a natural part of me. After this short conversation I had to smile and I thought for once more that I could write a book about all my adventures!

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  • Nathalie 03/02/2016   Reply →

    Good thing you are so one with yourself, otherwise the conservation could have left a different feeling. Now it is a confirmation of how strong you are.

  • Alexandre 03/02/2016   Reply →

    Sometimes I got this feeling I do not live in the same world as other people. Simply because they have the kind of comments you just describe. Life is a beautiful thing and one can not be defined by his legs or wheelchair. Each of us is unique, and that is why life is beautiful !

  • John Collins 04/02/2016   Reply →

    Great. Looking forward to reading the book.

  • Alex 07/02/2016   Reply →

    Bravo pour ton blog on t embrasse bien fort en route pour Bali.alex

  • Daniel Saiz 09/02/2016   Reply →

    Es ist immer wieder verblüffend über Erlebnisse zu stolpern die uns/mir zeigen wie unterschiedlich wir Menschen die gleichen Situationen im Leben wahrnehmen. Liebe Grüsse, liebe Melanie.

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