Little Miss Turtle | Airport Trouble

Airport Trouble

Some weeks ago I took a flight leaving from Nice Airport to visit my friend Nina in Cologne/Germany. The flight was leaving at 12:45 pm. My friend Francy picked me up about two hours before my departure. Usually, there’s plenty of time left when we arrive at the airport. But not this day…!   We […]

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Little Miss Turtle | I only want to buy a toothbrush

I only want to buy a toothbrush

Strange encounters   When you are in a wheelchair, people tend to tell you their whole life including all their diseases and worries. I mean situations like this one: About a year I ago my brother and I were strolling through Hamburg when suddenly a strange woman came towards us out of nowhere. She stopped next to me asking […]

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Little Miss Turtle | You are so charming Miss

You are so charming, Miss!

  Strange encounters – A true story   Yesterday I went to Cannes to meet a friend. While I was waiting on the sidewalk in my wheelchair, a scruffy, unkempt looking man stopped next to me and said “You are so charming, Miss!”. I looked up, surprised by his words. I thanked him when he continued “It’s […]

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